Sunday, January 8, 2012


Each year we all set out with grand gestures to make a change in our lives.  For many it is to loose weight while others decide to give up a cherished item (I’ve given up Dr. Pepper many times).  I, like many, come fast out of the gate- ready to accomplish the goal.  But, I always fade.  Come March I have completely given up and all but have forgotten my lofty goals.  At some point, I just stopped making resolutions completely.  Why set a goal only to know that I will disappoint myself in the near future?  However, who doesn’t need a goal? Goals push us to do more, be more.  Maybe I should start with resolving to follow through with goals??

In my extensive blog “research” (maybe slimming down my blog list is a good beginning resolution?) I came across something that immediately caught my eye.  Something that made me think, hey, I can actually DO that.  A lot of people have ditched the traditional list of goals to accomplish within the year and instead have chosen a word.  One word that will guide you during the year. One word to focus on each day to help accomplish more within the year.

So maybe I am starting this a week late, but hey, who says there is anything wrong with that? I wanted to take my time to pick the right word.   Not just something that I picked out of thin air, but something that is meaningful to me right now.  Something that will inspire me.  I read of other peoples’ words; there are some really great ones out there: Do, Up, Delight, Story, Share, Confidence, Abide, Nourish, Breathe.  One word I found caught my attention immediately: BE with a great subtitle (I am kicking myself for not saving the link- “Be happy with who I am, be involved in life, be kind to others, and be open to change!” I am not sure what this person meant by those things but they definitely spoke to me in a special way.

I kept thinking about the word BE and all the meanings it could hold.  I thought it might help to chose a word if I think about the goals I would like to accomplish, things I would like to change, things I know I NEED to change. 
Here is what I thought of:
1.     1. Be happy with who I am, although now I want to add- and what I have- a daily struggle for me.  It is easy to look at other people and other things and to want.  However, I have noticed  in my 25 years that wanting almost always leaves you unhappy. Becoming at peace with who I am, what I am, and all of the things I have to be grateful for will result in a more positive, happier, and satisfied me.
2.    2.  Be kind to others.  No, I’m not mean, at least I try not to be, but that isn’t what I am getting at here.  Be kind to others and share with others- give to charities (not just monetarily, but by doing, by “being”).  This is always something I want to do, but for some reason it is always hard for me to put into action.  I’ve decided I have had enough excuses. It is now time to do.
3.     3. Be involved in life.  Picture this: a great day for me is to wake up, go to work, come home, lay on the couch watching tv/reading blogs, eat dinner, go to bed.  This is fine some days, but the more I did it, the more I realized that I was missing out on life.  Letting it pass me by, missing opportunities and spending less time with people.  People that I enjoy.  At the same time the house quickly became a mess and I got overwhelmed with cleaning up and cooking and doing all the things that life should entail.  I must give up naps (at least the 3 hour every afternoon kind) and do more. Do more with my husband, do more with friends, and do more with life.  
4.     4. Be open to change.  I make plans, plans don’t go as planned, I get frustrated.  Typical cycle.  Sometimes my plans need to go out the window. When that happens, great things will happen. I am sure of it.  I need to remember that great things will happen in 2012. Maybe not on my schedule, maybe not how I envision, but I am sure that God has plans for me.  I need to be open to see these plans and follow his desires so that I can reach them.  Change is hard and things not being on my schedule is hard.  But that is life.  It’s hard.

Whew.  Sorry for that.  I get wordy.  But that is my resolution for 2012.  To BE.  I am thinking of ways to incorporate BE into my daily routine so that I will have constant reminders to help me to live my goal.  That should be fun- time to get creative! Here is one reminder that I created to hang on my wall in the bedroom.   

So what are y'all doing? Will you choose a word for 2012 or do you set goals to reach?  All though I am choosing a word, I did make a small list (that goes along with word BE) that I will be back to share soon! 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

To Cut or Not To Cut?

I have been wanting a change for my hair.  I constantly battle cutting it short then growing it out. It's what I do.  I have been growing it out for a while now and, surprise surprise, I want to cut it short again.  However, I have been pinning a lot of this lately. 

Now I am contemplating bangs. I've never really done the bang thing, so I can't make up my mind if I want to do it or not.  My thought was that I can keep my hair long and just cut the bangs.  If I don't like them, I can just pin them back for a while until they grow out a bit. I don't know- oh the challenges of being a girl! :) 

Any thoughts?  Any new hair styles or changes for you guys?